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  1. What inspired us to get started

    18 Jun 2024 2:00pm

    Impactful insights on how we achieve the Greatest Good. Jenni Harding - Founder and Managing Director of Greatest Good sits down to answer ten insightful questions about what we do at Greatest Good.

  2. Global Growth of B Corps: Awareness / Impact Report 2023

    30 May 2024 6:57pm

    Discover the exponential growth of Certified B Corporations, now 8,500+ strong globally. A 2023 survey reveals rising brand awareness and the positive perception of B Corp Certification in Australia and New Zealand. Learn how B Corps are driving conscious consumption.

  3. UN Global Compact Network Australia 2023 Impact Report

    30 May 2024 6:21pm

    Discover the 2023 Impact Report from UN Global Compact Network Australia. With 57+ events and 4,000+ attendees, their evolving programs drive knowledge exchange and collective action for sustainability. Download the report to learn more about their impact.

  4. Paul Ramsey Foundation strategy snapshot

    30 May 2024 4:44pm

    Discover Paul Ramsay Foundation's 2024 Strategy focused on eliminating disadvantage in Australia. Led by CEO Professor Kristy Muir, PRF aims to create systemic change through strategic grant-making and partnerships, ensuring people and places have what they need to thrive.

  5. Greatest Good May 2024 Regulatory Update

    30 May 2024 2:33pm

    A summary of the key regulatory updates and announcements affecting the for-purpose sector.

  6. For-Purpose Responsible Investment Survey

    29 May 2024 3:47pm

    Koda Capital shines a light on the sector’s approach to responsible and impact investing

  7. Individual income tax rates and threshold changes

    29 May 2024 3:33pm

    Changes applying to individual income tax rates and thresholds from 1 July 2024

  8. ASIC Chair delivers speech on greenwashing

    29 May 2024 11:57am

    The chair of ASIC, Joe Longo, delivers a keynote speech on greenwashing at the Responsible Investment Association Australasia Conference

  9. Greatest Good April 2024 Regulatory Update

    28 May 2024 12:13pm

    A summary of the key regulatory updates and announcements affecting the for-purpose sector.

  10. Member Feature - Shope

    16 May 2024 9:19pm

    Discover SHOPE, the trading arm of Pancare Foundation, an Australian charity supporting those affected by upper gastrointestinal cancers and funding vital research. Indulge in their premium personal care range while 100% of profits go towards low-survival

  11. Unlock Your Business's Potential: B Corp Certification

    16 May 2024 9:00pm

    As a social enterprise and certified B Corp, Greatest Good invites you to explore the transformative power of B Corp Certification. Join our webinar to understand the significance, certification process, and how to maximise your business's social and environmental impact

  12. Be the change you want to see at Greatest Good

    16 May 2024 8:55pm

    Did your 2024 resolutions include making positive changes? Explore the Greatest Good ecosystem to find organisations aligned with your values, shop ethically, donate to charities, attend purpose-driven events, find jobs, and collaborate for social, environmental impact

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