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  1. Support starting or buying a business

    5 Jun 2023 12:41pm

    Business Queensland is offering a range a support if you're considering, researching or developing plans for a new business.

  2. Easy to do work health and safety

    11 Oct 2023 3:29pm

    Access the WHS Toolkit and answer some multiple-choice questions. You’ll receive a scorecard that shows which of seven focus areas you’re doing well in. You’ll also see steps you can take to improve any areas that need attention and tailor it to suit your workers.

  3. Aboriginal Business Development Program

    28 Sep 2023 9:55am

    If you're a Northern Territory (NT) business, Aboriginal enterprise or not-for-profit, you can get help from a small business champion. A small business champion can help you identify the types of support your business can access. You can also get support with networking, contacts, information, tools and resources.

  4. Modern Slavery Risk Management

    18 Jul 2023 11:31am

    UN Global Compact Network Australia have released a resource titled Modern Slavery Risk Management – A Playbook for SMEs to identify, manage and mitigate modern slavery risks.

  5. GIIN’s 2023 Global Impact Insight Report

    18 Jul 2023 12:30pm

    The 2023 GIINsight report series offers a comprehensive overview of the impact investing industry, with actionable insights on impact investing activity and impact measurement & management practice.

  6. Crafted Culture catering services

    24 Aug 2023 2:11pm

    When it comes to catering services, Crafted Culture goes above and beyond providing mouth watering meals. By selecting those catering options, you directly contribute to the empowerment of migrant, refugee, and asylum-seeking women. These talented women prepare the delightful dishes, offering a unique fusion of flavours and cultural backgrounds.

  7. The 12th UN Global Compact–Accenture CEO Study

    24 Aug 2023 2:36pm

    The United Nations Global Compact–Accenture CEO Study offers a candid look at perspectives of more than 2,600 CEOs across 128 countries and 18 industries at the urgent opportunities and challenges for leaders to contribute to the 2023 Agenda and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

  8. Looking for a co-working space?

    24 Aug 2023 2:45pm

    If you or your social enterprise need a workspace in central Brisbane, come join us.

  9. Sustainable Employment Loan Fund - SELF

    24 Aug 2023 2:55pm

    Access to capital is one of the biggest barriers to growth for social enterprise. SELF are determined to bridge the gap between purpose-driven businesses and social impact investors with the development of a new $5 million loan fund.

  10. Mental health coaching for SMEs owners

    20 Sep 2023 10:53am

    Over 6 sessions, your mental health coach will work with you to manage stress and overwhelm using straightforward problem-solving approaches.

  11. Tax deductions for your business

    20 Sep 2023 2:26pm

    There are plenty of costs in running a business, so it pays to keep track of tax-deductible business expenses. If you are unsure of what your business can and cannot claim as a tax deduction, the ATO has compiled a handy summary of everything you need to know for your next tax return.

  12. Community Services Outcomes Tree

    29 Nov 2023 3:47pm

    The Community Services Outcomes Tree is a framework for capturing the outcomes individuals experience as a result of community services.

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