Greatest Good connects socially aware consumers with for-purpose organisations and also connects like-minded organsations with each other and the tools to support their organisations

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  1. 2024 Climate Ambition Accelerator

    16 May 2024 6:02pm

    The UN Global Compact 2024 Climate Ambition Accelerator offers the guidance and tools you need to accelerate progress towards setting science-based emissions targets and transitioning to net-zero emissions by 2050

  2. SECNA Hub Community Co-working Day

    7 Mar 2024 1:36pm

    Social Enterprise Community Co-working Day at the SECNA Co-working Hub at South Eveleigh - last Wednesday of each month

  3. Free Coworking @ Frankston Social Enterprise Hub

    11 Oct 2022 5:12pm

    Frankston Social Enterprise Hub exists to grow and develop the capacity of social enterprises in the Frankston Mornington Peninsula (FMP) region.

  4. Support starting or buying a business

    5 Jun 2023 12:41pm

    Business Queensland is offering a range a support if you're considering, researching or developing plans for a new business.

  5. Donate your Furniture

    18 May 2023 11:14am

    Re-Love is a charity based in Sydney that supports families who need to build a home from scratch due to domestic violence, homelessness, or asylum seeking

  6. Easy to do work health and safety

    11 Oct 2023 3:29pm

    Access the WHS Toolkit and answer some multiple-choice questions. You’ll receive a scorecard that shows which of seven focus areas you’re doing well in. You’ll also see steps you can take to improve any areas that need attention and tailor it to suit your workers.

  7. Donate Children's Goods

    18 May 2023 11:27am

    They are investing their energy into changing the way we consume goods.

  8. Mental Health in the workplace guide

    29 Feb 2024 11:39am

    The Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has released a mental health in the workplace guide to assist employers to create and maintain a mental health workplace

  9. Business Victoria

    7 Dec 2023 3:51pm

    Business Victoria provides information, support and resources to help business owners develop essential skills and understand their legal obligations.

  10. Seedkit

    29 Nov 2023 3:36pm

    Embark on your social impact journey with Seedkit. Streamline your data tracking and magnify positive change.

  11. Governing through a cyber crisis

    29 Feb 2024 12:19pm

    AICD/Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre/Ashurst have released a cyber crisis guide

  12. Free tools and resources to make hiring easier

    12 Apr 2024 6:32pm

    The Fair Work Ombudsman is here to help employers meet their workplace obligations at all stages of the hiring process.

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