Christmas Gift Guide Australia - ideas to help you
Shop Good, Gift Good, Do Good and Feel Good
this festive season

Welcome to Greatest Good's Australian Christmas Gift Guide - where we help you find great gifts for family, friends and work colleagues, that also create positive social impact and change.

We know times are tough, but our Christmas Gift Guide helps you keep living your values and using your purchasing power to support for-purpose organisations (social enterprises, charities and not for profits) tackling social, environmental and community change. We help you use the money you are already spending on products, to do your greatest good. Nothing is priced over $200, but every purchase and donation helps amazing purpose-driven organisations to be more impactful with the work they do. You not only get a great gift, but you also create a ripple of positive change. 

We help you to Shop Good (by your values), Gift Good (gifting amazing items that will be valued), Do Good (you and your gift recipient will know that every purchase generates true impact and tackles social and environmental problems) and Feel Good (well, how could you not after all of that). 

If you're time poor and need a hand finding the right gifts for everyone on your list, we've made it easy for you, giving you lots of categories that align with your values your values and budget:

- Gifts under $20 and $30 - perfect for the office Kris Kringle

- Gifts under $50, $75 and $100 - to help you budget

- Gifts for him / her / them

- Gifts featuring indigenous foods and products

- Gifts for foodies

- Gifts for eco-conscious consumers

- Gourmet food and luxury gift hampers

- Pamper hampers

- Gift ideas for the person who doesn't want anything

Australian Christmas gifts under $20 ( and great Kris Kringle gifts)

Having a $20 family or work Kris Kringle doesn’t mean you can’t create positive social impact. We have lots of suitable Australian made Christmas gifts that support women, refugees and migrants, the environment and more.

Australian Christmas gifts under $30 (and more Kris Kringle gifts)

We have a massive range of Christmas gifts ideas under $30. Choose one of the selections below or shop the Greatest Good gift guide and combine a few for a Do-It-Yourself hamper. All purchases support Australian charities, not for profits and social enterprises making our communities flourish. 

Australian Christmas gifts under $50

Our Australian Christmas Gift Guide highlights just some of the gift boxes and gift sets for $50 or less, with more on the ecosystem. Choose from food hampers, eco-friendly hampers, beauty products, candles and homewares, all whilst supporting a range of purpose-driven organisations doing their greatest good.

Australian Christmas gifts under $75

Having trouble deciding? We’ve got you - with a range of Australian-made gift sets featuring multiple fragrances, flavours and varieties.

Mmmm, chocolate! Not only will your loved ones love getting chocolate for Christmas, but these are packed with indigenous ingredients and supports local communities. There’s also a great mini candle set for those who can’t decide on just one fragrance. Why not buy one for yourself whilst you are there? The Akira Body Set offers the full range of body products in the one set, with hand and body wash, soap, body lotion and hand cream.

Australian Christmas gifts under $100

Mmmm, more chocolate…. as well as hand made scarves and eco-friendly kitchen hampers. We’re covering the range of gifts to make any recipient happy, with you creating an environmental and social impact with your purchases.

Australian Christmas gifts for him

We don’t like stereo types, but our Australian Christmas gifts for him includes products for the BBQ with native and indigenous flavours, a sustainable coffee cup with four colour options and a gin baubles and chocolate hamper - and they help create meaningful change. What’s not to love?

Australian Christmas gifts for her

Our Australian Christmas gifts for her include a range of cost-friendly options to help the women in your life with their make-up and toiletries or coffee treats when working from home. There’s also sustainable take-anywhere cutlery sets that fit into handbags, so no more plastic utensils from the food court or cafe. There are two options to choose from and both work well with the sustainable coffee cup above! Help her to reduce her environmental footprint, support women and First Nations businesses.

Australian Christmas gifts for them

Our gender-neutral gifts include a First Nations coffee hamper, hand-made dinner plate (with matching mugs if required) and the Comfort and Joy hamper. There are also plenty more gifts to choose from on the Greatest Good ecosystem.

Australian Christmas gifts featuring Indigenous food and products

We’ve already highlighted some of the products with indigenous ingredients, but we’ve got many more. Highlighted below, the all-indigenous food hamper, more chocolate options (mmmm…), and a self-care hamper packed with indigenous plants and botanic ingredients.

Australian Christmas gifts for foodies

Need to buy a gift for food lovers? Welcome to our range of great food hampers even the most discerning foodies will love. We have local and handmade hampers and those including bushfood tastes to tantalise their taste buds. Or jump on to the food/grocery section and make your own food hamper! You’ll be supporting women, migrants and refugees, and First Nations businesses.

Australian Christmas gifts for eco-conscious consumers

It’s easy to find gifts and hampers for the eco-warriors and eco-conscious. You can choose from hampers that encourage sustainable living or pampering, or individual gifts. Our personal favourite – the organic cotton reusable produce bags. We use them for fruit and vegies, instead of plastic bags. They can also be used as laundry bags and to group and separate items in your suitcase. Hint – buy a few of the 4-packs, as once you start using them, you’ll wish you had more. We have more eco-friendly options to reduce your enviromental footprint and support organisations increase their social and environmental impact - it's win/win!

Australian Christmas gifts for gourmet and luxury lovers

Our most expensive hamper is jam-packed full of gourmet goodies that can be shared across the family. There’s also a tea version for those cutting down on coffee. Or do you want a gift that keeps on giving? Sign up for the quarterly hamper subscription that lets your loved ones know you are thinking of them (there’s also a monthly hamper subscription option as well).

Australian Christmas gifts to pamper

Who doesn’t like to be pampered and appreciated? We’ve got a range of options in both our hampers and health and beauty sections and have highlighted some of them below, from self-care to wellbeing, to total love box sets. Of course, you can always mix and match the products from various organisations to make your own hampers.

If beauty is not your thing, we've also got coffee, tea and hot chocolate gift hampers and chai and tea and other food offerings for you to buy individually or combine to make you own food pamper hamper. Why not add the SisterWorks bamboo coffee cup or the bright and cheery tribal coaster set to avoid the coffee stains?

Australian Christmas gifts for those who don't want anything

Do you want to show your appreciation to someone who doesn’t want anything? Or are you wondering what to get the person who has everything? We are proud that the Greatest Good Australian Christmas Gift Guide lets you support Australian registered charities making a difference. Unlike many donation sites, we don't take commission from donations made on the Greatest Good ecosystem. Your meaningful donation on behalf of your gift recipient helps to fund medical research, supports women, migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, tackles homelessness, education and employment and so much more. Additional denominations can be found under the Donate tab on the home page.

Why choose gifts, hampers and other presents from the Greatest Good Australian Christmas Gift Guide this festive season

Our Australian Christmas Gift Guide gives you a range of options (and prices) to find impactful presents for everyone. They aren’t just an assortment of items; they're stories waiting to be unwrapped. Every product comes with a commitment that all items on the Greatest Good ecosystem support social enterprises, charities/other not for profits and B Corps. We have earth-friendly products, sustainable goods, hand-made artisan items, products containing traditional Indigenous ingredients and more, to help you make socially responsible shopping decisions, whilst supporting organisations doing their greatest good. When you buy from Greatest Good, you're not just getting a gift – you're supporting a journey of change and impact.

The organisations on the Greatest Good ecosystem have undergone due diligence so you know there’s no impact washing. We help our for-purpose members create moments and movements. We help you make impactful, sustainable and socially responsible choices. We don’t believe in consumerism for consumerism’s sake. We want you to act and transact in alignment with your values and the values of your gift recipients. Shopping on Greatest Good is a testament to thoughtfulness and connscious consumption, making it more than just another gift-giving moment.

Australia's Best Christmas Gifts and Gift Hampers

As we head towards the festive season, the search for that perfect gift gains momentum. Yet, this year, let's transcend the ordinary and embark on a journey of meaningful choices. Welcome to the gateway of socially conscious giving – Greatest Good's Australian Christmas Gift Guide - the guide to finding gift hampers and other gifts that also create positive social impact and change. So, they that don't merely bring joy, they also contribute to a brighter future for all.


Unveiling Eco-Friendly Hampers: Unique Gifts for Christmas and beyond

We're talking about a collection of gift hampers and gifts that's handpicked from the heart of Australian for-purpose businesses with a social mission. These hampers aren't just standard presents – they're helping to save the planet, create better futures and make meaningful social change - one awesome gift at a time. It's like being a superhero without the cape, and who needs a cape when you've got gifts and hampers that do the talking? Regardless of whether your gift recipient is an advocate for environmental sustainability, a devotee of minimalism, a steadfast vegan, or simply a believer in the power of meaningful gestures, we've assembled an array of boutique and eco-friendly hampers and gifts that cater to every predilection. From those artisan delights to meticulously crafted sustainable products, each purchase transcends traditional gift-giving.


Explore Thoughtful Christmas Gifts and Hampers in Australia

Prepare to be enchanted, for we've woven an unprecedented twist into this year's Greatest Good gift guide. By selecting products from our ecosystem, you're not just granting a gift – you're sowing the seeds of a future reward. Imagine presenting a gift that creates a tangible social impact. Celebrate with hampers and gifts that embody values and impact that truly matter. As we venture into the world of gift-filled hampers, let's remind ourselves that it's not just about the objects; it's about the emotions, the sentiments, and the memories they evoke (oh, and the amazing impactful purchasing and community spirit you are also gifting).


Christmas Gifts at Greatest Good

At Greatest Good, we're not just focussed on gift-giving – we're on a mission to create lasting social impact! When you buy from the Greatest Good ecosystem, you’re supporting Australian social enterprises, charities and not for profits. Each gift and hamper we offer is like a mini-quest, filled with goodies that are more than just stuff – they're stories, support, and positive impact. Why not check out our social media as well? We love to highlight organisations tackling social and environmental change, including those who bring you a selection that's as diverse as the people you are buying for.

Our gifts and hampers aren't just about the awesome goodies inside. They're about the stories behind them, the people who make them, and the communities they support. When you choose to support the purpose-driven organisations on Greatest Good, you're not just handing over gifts; you're igniting a celebration of cultures, talents, and togetherness. What’s not to love?

And if that's not enough for you, a minimum of 50% of Greatest Good's profits are reinvested back into achieving our purpose - to create lasting social impact by simultaneously growing the for-purpose sector, whilst building a community willing to collectively tackle social and environmental problems.


100% Australian Owned and Operated

We're all about celebrating Australian for-purpose organisations (social enterprises, charities/not for profits and B Corps). Almost all the products are made locally in Australia. You are helping to employ local workers to make and curate the gifts you are choosing for your loved ones. Oh, and Greatest Good is Australian owned and operated as well!


Australia-Wide Christmas Gift and Hamper Delivery!

Enjoy the convenience of Australia-wide delivery with your purchases from Greatest Good! No matter where you or your loved ones are located across this vast and beautiful land, our hampers will reach your doorstep (or post office box). Our commitment to spreading joy, supporting and promoting purpose-driven gifts extends to every corner of Australia. Whether you're in the heart of a bustling city or nestled in a serene rural area, your hamper and other gift purchases filled will arrive with care and a touch of community connection. With every hamper and gift, you're not just receiving a collection of thoughtfully curated items – you're receiving a piece of Australia's diverse culture and creativity. 

Each organisation has negotiated postage and courier changes to ensure your gift arrives on time. When you check out, the shipping is added to the cart, so you know exactly what the charges will be and how your purchases will be sent. You will also receive shipping details from each organisation via email and can find these under your account, along with your purchasing history.

Dedicated Customer Service at Greatest Good

We are based in Australia, supporting Australian for-purpose organisations. We take pride in offering customer service that meets or exceeds your expectations. We want you to have a seamless shopping experience. So, if you need our help, reach out to us via the Contact Us page and we’ll get in touch to help you get your shopping sorted. We can even help you out with shopping suggestions if you are stuck for ideas!

Your happiness is our priority, as supporting you helps to support the social enterprises, charities and other purpose-driven organisations doing their greatest good.

And, of course, we don’t just want to hear from your if you have a problem, we’d love to hear from you if you love what we’re doing, love the products, or even to make suggestions on how we can do better.

The Greatest Good ecosystem has been co-designed using feedback from consumers, for-purpose organisations and service providers to the for-purpose sector, so we welcome any suggestions you have on to help us do our greatest good!

Learn more about the hampers, gifts and presents on the Greatest Good Australian Christmas Gift Guide


Australian Christmas gifts under $20

The SisterWorks Savoury Gourmet Gift Set features African Spicy Salsa, Tunisian Chilli Pepper Paste, and Chinese Ginger Scallion Oil. It takes you on a culinary adventure of global flavours. Made locally in Australia, these unique flavours support local migrant, refugee and asylum-seeking women.

The Good Sheet dissolvable scent boosting beads are scented laundry beads that dissolve in your washing but leave your clothes smelling extra linen-y fresh and magical!

The Shope bath salts are citrus scented and transport you to a blissful soak filled with lemon, lime and orange to relax you, as well as Himalayan pink salts and magnesium to energise you.


Australian Christmas gifts under $30

Are you still using single use make up remover pads? These zero-waste, reusable pads can be washed and used repeatedly. They are made from super soft, bamboo terry cloth and come with a bamboo dispenser and mesh wash bag for washing them in. Refill packs of 12 pads are also available. You can top up your supply or buy more and keep them in your toiletry bag when travelling.

The Journals are the perfect gift for someone who lots to take notes, jot down ideas or inspiration, have a dedicated recipe book and be creative. These hard cover journals come in five different designs to help you find the right one for each person on your list.

The SisterWorks Berrylicious Gift Box comes in a beautifully packaged box, containing a hand designed tea towel, small fig jam and raspberry jam jars. Very berrylicious!


Australian Christmas gifts under $50

Each Life Interwoven “Botanical Imprint” mug is handmade and inspired by nature. They are made by artisans and offering a completely unique gift, packed in mulberry paper.

The Akira Grateful Body Care Duo Pack contains two 500ml body products, presented in a gift box. The Hand & Body Wash contains Green Tea & Tamarind, whilst the Body Lotion contains Mango & Almond Oil for you to cleanse, hydrate and moisturise your skin.

Got someone with a sweet tooth? Then they'll love the SisterWorks Berry Sweet Hamper. Containing locally made chocolate and raspberry jam and complimented by the subtle fragrances of a soy candle to burn whilst enjoying these tasty treats.


Australian Christmas gifts under $75

The SisterWorks Mini Candle-Pack contains four candles made with soy wax and essential oils. They can be used to accompany a relaxing bath, or to create a natural scent in your home. Perfect as a gift to help relax or set the mood anywhere in the home.

Know someone with a sweet tooth? They’ll love the five individually wrapped handcrafted indigenous chocolate bars in three varieties (white, milk and dark), combined with delightful bushfood flavours. Each purchase supports indigenous women artisan chocolate makers.

The Akira Grateful body set contains the 500ml hand & body wash and 500 ml body lotion from the Body Care Duo Pack, as well as a 120g Soap Bar and 150ml Hand Cream 150ml. Packed in a gift box that shares the message of gratefulness, they make a great gift.


Australian Christmas gifts under $100

This soft and elegant hand spun cotton scarf is made by artisans. They not only grow their own cotton without herbicides or insecticides, but they also use their own botanical plants used for dyes. Hand-spinning the cotton creates a soft natural scarf which gets even softer as you wash it over time.

The Eco-Friendly Kitchen Hamper includes a bread bag to keep your bread fresh and eliminates single-use plastics. There’s also a sponge made from sustainable materials and a practical and sustainable tea towel. This hamper helps to create a functional and environmentally conscious gift for a more sustainable home.

These ethically sourced, handmade bushfood chocolates are made using native Indigenous ingredients and packed in biodegradable packaging. Perfect for the chocolate lover who wants something a little different that the store bought brands.


Australian Christmas gifts for him

Aggie's Bushfood BBQ Gift Hamper is the perfect gift for someone who loves to throw a steak on the barbie. It’s filled with tempting sauces, oils and rubs created by local Aussie businesses, this gift box is bursting with native bush inspired items that will add a new flavour to your meat, fish, salad or cheese board.

Consider how your gift can contribute to a better world. Help reduce their environmental footprint with this 400ml bamboo coffee cup. With a heat resistant silicon band and a clip-on lid, it is manufactured from tough BPA free, food grade and dishwasher safe material. Why not buy one for the office and one for home, so there's no excuse to use the single-use plastic found in disposable cups.

The Celebrations Hamper features 3 gin baubles and some chocolate made using traditional native foods. The baubles make a great Christmas tree decoration before and after the native gin is consumed! See how long you can wait….


Australian Christmas gifts for her

The wet bag is designed and handmade by women for women. Sure, use it as a waterproof make up bag, or it can be used to store clean or used nappies, wet bathers, sunscreen, a first aid kit, kids paints or craft items, contact lenses and eye drops- the list is endless. Why not buy a few?

When you buy the work from home coffee hamper, you are buying ethically sourced coffee from small indigenous farmers. It’s combined with a beautifully illustrated notebook and a choice of two mugs hand designed by indigenous artists.

With two different types of packaging, the cutlery sets can be stored in a handbag, glove box or at your desk to help you avoid single-use plastics. They contain a knife, fork and spoon, as well as two types of straws and a straw cleaner. You can buy one for the handbag and one for work, so there’s no excuse to use the food court or takeaway plastic single-use cutlery.


Australian Christmas gifts for them

Coffee lovers will love the First Nations coffee hamper with ethically sourced coffee and bushfood chocolate, teamed up with a choice of two indigenous designed artwork mugs. This hamper supports First Nations business owners and local communities.

The “Botanical Imprint” deep plate is timeless and unique, inspired by nature. It’s handmade and full of love. It’s the perfect dinner plate for those wanting something inspirational to eat from. You can buy a set of them, each slightly different when artisan handmade, but all complimenting each other.

The Comfort and Joy Hamper contains a selection of our locally made food and homeware products. Featuring jam, a mini candle, screen printed tea towel, and chocolate, it adds a touch of joy to any occasion. A great little hamper with a food, scents and sense.


Australian Christmas gifts featuring indigenous food and products

Amaze and astonish your senses with the Aggie Gifts All Indigenous Australian Food Gift Hamper. This ultimate collection of bushfoods produced by a community of First Nations suppliers. Containing, jam, pickles, chutney, balsamic vinegar, wild chai tea, as well as sweet and spicy finger lime dark chocolate.

There are two vegan chocolate options that also feature native ingredients – the native dark and salty chocolate and native Davidson Plum chocolate.

The ultimate indigenous pamper hamper! Featuring soap, body scrub and body butter made with native ingredients to nourish your body. And don’t forget the candle! There are two sizes to choose from lasting 10 hours (small) or a massive 80 hour burning candle (large). Both have free Australian fragrances to calm you whilst you enjoy your bush tea. And not only are you indulging your senses, but you are also supporting First Nations people with this pamper hamper purchase.


Australian Christmas gifts for foodies and food lovers

The Foodie Hamper contains a wonderful selection of our locally made food and homeware products. It contains jam, pickle, vegan chocolate, cinnamon myrtle black tea, and a salty, crunchy snack mix in a 100% recyclable hamper box.

With the Aggie Gifts Cooking with Bushfoods Gift Hamper, adding traditional bush tucker ingredients to your next meal doesn’t need to be a daunting prospect with the amazing bushfood starter pack. At the heart of this box is the comprehensive cookbook which guides you through simple recipes incorporating Indigenous elements.

The Merry & Bright Hamper is full of delicious treats that they’ll love! You’ll find vegan chocolate, jam, salty crunch, native green tea, a candle to burn whilst it’s being eaten, and a handmade tea towel to help with the clean up afterwards.


Australian Christmas gifts for eco-conscious consumers

The Sustainable Home Delights Hamper makes it easy to be eco-conscious. Featuring an eco-friendly bread bad to help you eliminate single-use plastics, plus some vegan chocolate to avoid all those chemicals, a handmade tea towel and salty crunchy mix in eco-friendly packaging.

Another way to avoid single use plastic is to replace the supermarket fruit and vegie plastic bags with the Good Sheet's Organic Cotton Reusable Produce Bags. They come in a pack of 4, with two medium and two large bags. They're a favourite of Greatest Good's founder, Jenni. She takes them on her weekly produce shop at the local shop or farmer's market.

The Eco-Friendly Bath and Body Hamper helps meaningfully create an eco-conscious bath and body experience. It contains reusable wipes, a waterproof bag to store them at home or when travelling, and a hemp body mitt and refreshing bath salts for that relaxing self-care when you need it.


Australian Christmas gifts for lovers of gourmet food and products and luxury hampers

The Global Gourmet Delights Hamper is jam packed with everything a present should be. It includes sweet and savoury gourmet gift sets, native green and black teas, a salty mix, a fruit and seed mix, and caramel chocolate. It also has a sustainable bamboo coffee cup, tribal designed coasters, a set of four candles and a hand designed tea towel to enjoy long after the food has been eaten. Something for everyone in the luxury hamper.

Looking for the gift that keeps on giving? The bushfood subscription box can be delivered monthly or quarterly to let your gift recipient know you are always thinking of them. Featuring an ever-changing array of First Nation food and ingredients, you will receive seasonal products (chocolates, drinks etc), cooking ingredients (dried herbs, oils, vinegars, pasta sauces, etc) or fresh bushfoods (finger limes, Kakadu plums, warrigal greens etc). Boxes will be delivered at the end of each month or quarter.

The gourmet tea and delights hamper combine blends of premium teas and gourmet treats, including lemon myrtle tea, cinnamon myrtle tea, sweet and savoury gift sets to delight any taste buds.


Australian Christmas gifts to pamper (pamper hampers)

The Aggie self-care hamper is packed with indigenous plants and botanic ingredients. Hande-made from native ingredients and featuring soap, body scrub, body butter and calming tea to feed your body and relax your mind. Choose from the small candle which burns for 10 hours or the large candles which last 80 hours.

There’s also an indigenous version! Take a look at Aggie Gifts Indigenous Sourced Self Care Hamper: Your relaxation also contributes to the support of First Nation Australians, particularly the dedicated Warningakalina women from Bush Medijina.

The Wellbeing Hamper will bring joy to anyone who receives it. It contains a natural hemp body mitt, eco-friendly and reuseable face wipes, soy candle, vegan chocolate, a multi-purpose waterproof wet bag, bath salts and a sweet gourmet gift set.

What’s better than a colourful gift pack filled with body wash, body lotion, bath sales and soap that’s made in Australia, has no nasties and isn’t tested on animals? One that also supports research into pancreatic cancer. There's the lemon, lime and orange handwash. There's also the lemon, lime and orange bath salts to soak worries away, followed by the hand and body lotion to lock in that moisture. All items are under $25 individually. But if you buy the Total Love gift pack, you get a great gift pack of all these bathroom essentials. And, as you are spending more than $60 on the Shope range, you get free shipping, as well as providing support to people affected by upper gastrointestinal cancers and funding world-class research.


Australian Christmas gifts for someone who has everything or someone who doesn't want anything

Donating on the Greatest Good ecosystem supports Australian registered charities making a difference. It is a quick and easy way to support the causes you care about, and we don’t take commissions like many of the donating sites. You can donate on behalf of the person who has everything or doesn't want anything.

Donations can support those undertaking health and medical research in gynaecological and pancreatic cancer, help tackle domestic violence and homelessness, support refugees, immigrants, asylum-seekers and other ethnic minorities, provide education and employee people with ability, disability and neurodivergence challenges who may otherwise not find employment.

Additional denominations can be found under the Donate tab on the home page. You can also find ways to donate goods that are needed under the Collaborations tab on the home page.

More Australian Christmas Gifts Ideas from Greatest Good


Teas, Coffee, Hot Chocolate and Chai gifts and hampers

We've also got coffee, tea and hot chocolate gift hampers and chai and tea gift offerings for you to buy individually or combine to make you own Australian Christmas gift hamper.

For any coffee lover, jump on the Work from Home Coffee Corporate Hamper. Whether they are working from home or simply enjoys a well-crafted space, this hamper is the perfect gift idea.

If you are looking for a present for a tea lover, then why not buy the Lemon Myrtle Tea or Cinnamon Myrtle Tea from SisterWorks, or try both and let them choose their favourite! These loose-leaf packs have been in Australia using local ingredients.

Or you’re buying for a Native Tea lover? The Aggie Gifts Tea Hamper isn't just a present; it's a testament to supporting local and Indigenous Australian artisans. By selecting this hamper, you are buying a great gift and honouring the hard work and dedication of these skilled creators.

The hot chocolate gift hamper offer a sweet chocolate treat anyone will adore. Indulge in the rich flavours of ethically sourced vegan dark chocolate powder, expertly paired with gourmet marshmallows infused with unique bushfood tastes. Imagine the comfort of sipping this delightful concoction from a reusable mug adorned with captivating artwork by First Nations artists. Choose between Damien Couldhard's Wilytya (Night) or Caitlyn Davies-Plummer's Elements of Love design—both distinct and meaningful. 


Combination hampers

Create new traditions with the Bushfood Celebrations Gift Hamper. This updated twist on foodie delights made from foraged bushfood ingredients. From yummy puddings and moreish chocolate to botanic-infused gin baubles, edible flowers, syrups and jams, your Aussie feast will be a taste sensation like no other.


Bathroom, kitchen and laundry gift ideas

The Beeswax Food Wrap is a great alternative to single use plastic and cling wrap. Save the environment and your sandwich! They are sustainable, reusable and hand washable. Beeswax Food Wraps are a great alternative to single use plastic and cling wrap. Use our Beeswax Food Wrap to wrap your sandwiches, fruit, vegetables, cheese, snacks or leftovers.

Good Sheet's laundry options are a perfect example of how small changes in our daily routines can lead to a significant change in our ecological footprint. It's an opportunity to show that you care about the planet. It might not be the standard choice for a gift but can serve as an additional "little something" to make the eco friendly statement. Choose the eco-alternative that aligns with your values and reflects the love and care you have for the environment. You're not just giving a gift – you're making a statement and creating a lasting impact that resonates far beyond the celebration.

Discover tranquillity with SisterWorks Natural Bath Salts - Stress Relief. Infused with Epsom salts, rich in stress-reducing magnesium, and enhanced with calming lavender, it's the ultimate self-care gift of relaxation. Let your loved one indulge in a soothing bath that eases stress, promotes better sleep, and soothes aches. With a touch of lavender, it's a luxurious bedtime ritual that invites relaxation and rejuvenation. Elevate their well-being with a gesture of love and care that helps them unwind, destress, and find solace in every soak.